Method of offering lifetime missed salah

Question: What the scholars say about this subject that what is the correct method of performing lifetime missed Salah (According to Hanafi Doctrine)

Answer: To offer qada of witr is also compulsory along with five Salah. There are 20 Rak’at of qada Salah in a day: two Rak’at fard of Fajr, four of zuhar, four of ‘Asr, three of Maghrib, four of ‘Isha and three Rak’at of Witr (Wajib). Make intention like this, “I am offering the very first Fajr or first Zuhar that I missed.” Similar intention may be made for every missed Salah. Likewise to make intention in every Salah is essential. As it is mentioned in the book Durrey Mukhtar

یعین ظھریوم کذاعلی المعتمدوالاسھل نیت اول ظھرعلیہ اواٰخرظھر۔

Translation:- With accordance of trusted statement the computation of zuhar prayer of so and so day should be done, or the easier method is to do the intention of very first or very last zuhar . (Baab Shurootul Salah, Jild 1 , Safah 67)

If one has a large number of missed Salah to offer, it is permissible for him to avail following relaxations:

1. Uttering the Tasbi at in Ruku’ and Sujud سُبْحَانَ رَبِّيَ الْأَعْلَى &سُبْحَانَ رَبِّيَ ألعظیم once instead of thrice.

2. Uttering three time سبحان اللہ in the 3rd and 4th Rak’at of Fard salaah instead of reciting Sura-e-Fati ah, but remember that Sura- e-Fatiah and a Surah are to be recited in all the three Rak’at of Witr. In book Quduri it is mentioned : یقرأ فی کل رکعۃ من الوترفاتحۃ الکتاب وسورۃ۔

Translation:- Surah Fatiah and one surah are to be recite in every rakat of witr (Baab Salah Alwitr)

3. In the last Qa’dah, performing the Salām having uttered just اللہم صلّ علی محمدوآلہ ’ after Tashahhud without reciting the remaining Durud Sharif and Du’a.

4. Uttering just ‘ربّ اغفرلی ’ once or three times instead of the supplication of Qunut in the third Rak’at of Witr after uttering اللہ اکبر (kama fe Fatawa Razawiya Baabul Qaza Al fawa’at,vol 8,page157) Allah Knows best.

By Mufti Haider Ali Qadri Sahab

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