And it is not possible for Muslims that all should come out. Then why should not a party from each group should come out that they may gain understanding of religion and warn their people after coming back to them, haply they may guard themselves. [Surah e Tauba, Ayaat No. 122]

Kanzul Islam Scholar’s Academy have brought to you an opportunity to gain knowledge of Islam under the guidance of great Islamic scholars.
Here Is your chance to come forward and take initiative, learn and preach others the virtues and ethics about our religion and gain sawab-e-Jariah.

Course Contents:

1. Ilm –Ul-Sarf
2. Ilm-Ul-Nahw
3. Ilm-Ul-Adab
4. Ilm-Ul-Balaghat
5. Ilm-Ul-Mantik
6. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Fiqh
7. Ilm-Ul-Fiqh
8. Ilm-Ul-Falsafa
9. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Hadees
10. Ilm-Ul-Hadees
11. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Tafseer
12. Ilm-Ul-Tafseer
13. Ilm-Ul-Kalam

All the topics in this course will be taught from authentic books. Our aim is to provide such Alim and Alimat to our Muslim Ummah who will paraphrase true Islam.

Duration of the course is 6 years and consists of three levels:

Primary Level Comprises (Duration-1 year)
1. Ilm –Ul-Sarf
2. Ilm-Ul-Nahw
3. Ilm-Ul-Adab

Secondary Level Comprises (Duration 2 years 6 months)
1. Ilm-Ul-Balaghat
2. Ilm-Ul-Mantik
3. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Fiqh
4. Ilm-Ul-Fiqh

Third Level Comprises (Duration 2years 6 months)
1. Ilm-Ul-Falsafa
2. Ilm-Ul-Kalam
3. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Hadees
4. Ilm-Ul-Hadees
5. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Tafseer
6. Ilm-Ul-Tafseer

Duration Fees (Dollars) Time Factualty
6 Years 80$ / pm 60min/per day Mufti Haider Ali Qadri Sahab

Note: Keeping in mind the criteria of our working brothers and sisters, We have divided the course in three different levels and kept timings as per your convenience to ensure you do not loose out on your business hours.

1) Separate classes for male and female students.

2) Those student who are unable to pay the fees please mention in the message box below.

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