Proclaiming Ya Rasool ALLAH


What the great scholars say about this subject: that the Salah of Sunni behind bad madhab is acceptable and permissible, the bad madhab who said that proclaiming Ya Rasool Allah peace be upon him is haram (forbidden) or shirk, and deny that prophet Mohammad peace be upon him is Noor.


Proclaim Ya Rasool Allah! From near and far in both conditions is indeed permitted: As Imam Bukhari in his book Kitaabul Adaabul Mufrad, recorded the following incident: عن عبدالرحمٰن بن سعد قال خدرت رجل ابن عمر فقال لہ رَجل اذکر احب الناس الیک فقال یا مُحمد Sayyiduna Abdullah Ibne Omar once suffered from a cramp. Someone advised him to Remember the person Whom he loved the most. He proclaimed loudly, “Ya Muhammadahu!” He was immediately relieved. (Page 250 ,matbua Almatbuatul Saryah Ladal pur).

The following Hadith proves that it is permissible to proclaim Ya Mohammad. A companion of prophet peace be upon him (Sahabi), who was blind by birth, was taught a special Du’a by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), which he was to recite after every Salaah. The Du’a is as follows: اللھم انی اسئلک واتوجہ الیک بمحمدنبی الرحمۃ یامحمدانی قدتوجھت بک الی ربی فی حاجتی ھٰذہ لتقضٰی اللھم فشفعہ فی “O Allah !, I ask from You, and turn towards You through the Waseela (Medium) of Your Nabi Muhammad , who is indeed a Prophet of Mercy. O Muhammad , with your Waseela (Medium) I turn towards

Allah I for my need so that it may be bestowed. O Allah !, accept the Prophet’s intercession for me.” (Sunnan Ibney Maja ,page 99,Matbua Noor Mohammad kaarkhana Karachi)

Ala hazrat in Fatawa Razawiyya states: The most beautiful proof of calling to the Prophet (peace be upon him) is in the Attahiyaat, wherein every worshipper salutes and calls unto the Prophet (peace be upon him). If by using the Nida, causes one to be guilty of Shirk, then how is it that it is found in the Salaah? السلام علیک ایّھا النبی ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ Some individuals state that, one does not have the intention of calling to the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the Attahiyaat, rather one is merely conveying a message. This opinion is without basis, there is no such zikr in salah from shariah which is to recite but have no meaning indeed. No not at all defitenitly it have this meaning only that – التحیاتُ للہ و الصلوات From this phrase praise to Allah is meant السلام علیک ایّھا النبی ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ from this phrase it is intended that I am sending and directly addressing salam and asking for mercy and blessing of Allah. Therefore, when we are reciting the Attahiyaat, we should not possess this belief, rather we should believe that we are directly addressing the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and sending Salaams to him, upon oneself and upon all the pious of the Ummah. (Volume 29,page566,Maktbah Raza Foundation Jameh Nizamiyah)

Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him is Noor and human(bashar). Prophet Mohammad is noor it is proofed from Ahadees mubaraka.As Abdul Razzaq in his Book “Musannaf”, has narrated from Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari and his son (radi Allahu anhum), that he asked the Holy Messenger of ALLAH Ta’aala (Peace Be Upon Him) یا جابر ان اللہ خلق قبل الاشیاء نور نبیک من نورہ O Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) ! My parents be sacrificed upon you, What did the Almighty Allah first create?” The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied:O Jabir ! “Allah first created my Noor of His Noor before everything. (Al Mawahib Al Duniyah,Al Maqsad awal,Al Maktabal Islami Bayroot).

Therefore absolute deny of prophet Mohammad peace be upon him is noor is aberrancy (gumrahi).

By Mufti Haider Ali Qadri Sahab

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