The best amongst you are those who learn and teach Quran.

Course contents:

1. Basic Arabic Grammar.
2. Word by word translation of Holy Quran.
3. Explanation of complete Quran from authentic tafaseer books.
4. Explanation of aqidah of ahle sunnah at specific Quranic verses.
5. Special explanation of how Aayat relates to Ahkam(laws).

Running after worldly achievements delays our quest to learn about Islam.
Take your first step today, towards Islam and towards Success.

DurationFees (Dollars)TimeFactualty
1 year & 6 Months80$ / Per Month60min/per dayMufti Haider Ali Qadri Sahab


1) Separate classes for male and female students.

2) Those student who are unable to pay the fees please mention in the message box below.

If interested, please fill the form below:

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