No matter you live on Antarctica, USA, Australia, or Europe, you can learn Quran while sitting in front of your computer through internet. As language is spoken in proper accent, Quran e Pak also ought to be read in proper Tajweed and Qiraat, otherwise meanings of different verses can be changed and you can commit Greater Sin (Gunah-e-Kabeerah). So we offer Quranic course online for you, your family and friends.

Who can learn?

Any person of any age who has a computer, internet, headphone and mic can learn Quran-e-Pak online with us. Two software are needed to start your classes with us. One is for the purpose of our computer screen sharing with you so that you can see Quran-e-Pak live from teacher’s computer. Other is for voice communication so that you can talk live with your teacher. No problem if you already have never used any of them, we help you in using them.

DurationFees (Dollars)Faculty
60Min/day85$ (pm)Male & Female teachers available.


1) Separate classes for male and female students.

2) Those student who are unable to pay the fees please mention in the message box below.

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