Seeking knowledge is an obligation (Fard) upon every Muslim’  

All those religious knowledge which is obligatory on a person it’s seeking is compulsion and here it refers to the basic religious knowledge which one need to attain (as a Muslim).

Course consists of Topics:

1.Basic tenets of our faith (Aqidah)- ,Knowledge of  the  attributes of Almighty Allah , and Prophets and Messengers of Allah, Angles(Mala’aaikah), Gennies (jinnat), paradise (jannat)and hell (jahannum), grave ,day of judgment, knowledge of destiny(takdeer) .

2. Masail-e-Fiqh- rules of ablution (wuzu) bathing (Ghusl), fundamentals of Salah (i.e. pre- conditions, requirements and acts that invalidate it), basic rulings regarding fasting, zakat and its obligations, matter of marriage (nikah) and Divorce (talaq).

DurationFees (Dollars)TimeFactualty
3 Months100$ (Full Course)60min/per dayMufti Haider Ali Qadri Sahab


1) Separate classes for male and female students.

2) Those student who are unable to pay the fees please mention in the message box below.

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