Sahaba Ka Hukm-e-Tameel Per Shiddat Se Amal Karna

Hazrat Jaber Radiallahu Anhu Se Marwi Hai, Jumah Ke Din Rasool’Allah Sallallahu’Alaihi’Wa’Sallam Mimbar Per Jalwah Afroz Hue Aur Farmaya “اجلسوا” (Baith Jao),

Hazrat Abdullah Bin Masood Radiallahu Anhu Ne Ye Alfaaz Sunte To Wo Masjid Ke Darwazeh Per Hi Baith Gaye, Aap Sallallahu’Alaihi’Wa’Sallam Ne Dekh Liya Aur Farmaya,

Aye Abdullah Bin Masood Aage Aajao. —- SUBHAN’ALLAH

(Abu Dawood, Kitaab

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Al’Salawat, Malumaat-e-Sahaba 283)

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